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Our Apostolic Mission

When you are interested in Apostolic Truth check out the Catholic teachings from Holy Mother Church. We keep you up to date with the latest national and international current events and stances of the Catholic Church. Our goal is to provide everyone interested in the Catholic religion insights into present day teachings and interpretations throughout the history of the church. One need not be Catholic to get a great deal out of this publication. It is worthwhile reading for anyone!

For more information on the Catholic Church and how to become Catholic go to CATHOLICS COME HOME.ORG


Our Publication Includes:

Our mission is to bring to the faithful the most up to date current events and orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church. Most current events will be listed in the state of Louisiana but can be applied throughout the world. Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be discussed, as well as other current topics of interest throughout the faith.

Pro-Life Issues
The goal is to keep the faithful informed on the church's stand on the Pro-Life Issue, both inside the United States as well as throughout the world. Popular articles will be discussed and referenced within our publication for you to copy and study. We will also keep you updated on any pro-life events 

These teachings will defend the Catholic Faith against Protestant and other religious objections. Current trends will be discussed and the Church's stance will be put forward. References for additional materials pertinent to the discussion will also be published.

Doctrines of the Faith
Faith, morals, and doctrines will be analyzed and linked to other websites and articles so that a thorough knowledge base can be established for all.

Helpful Links:

Contact us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for the latest Catholic teachings
and current events involving the Catholic Church.