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"If a Man is ashamed of me and "MY DOCTRINE", the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in HIS GLORY and that of his Father and his Holy Angels I assure you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the reign of God!" 
Luke 9:26 & 27

This is a national protest we did with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property!  We ask that you stay vigilant to all the media that blasphemes the faith or detroys our purity and and dignity of life!
    When the movie, DaVinici Code came out  When I saw all the people gathering, talking, promoting and buying the DaVinici Code book and then the major motion picture, I thought it was almost as if I was in a dejavu like when 9/11 happen.  Just like 9/11, I thought how easy we forget. On 9/11 we were brought to our knees but we did not stay there very long! With the DaVinci Code being a Best Seller and now a major motion picture, it was as if we had forgotten all about the movie, The Passion that spoke the Truth about our Savior and his Salvation he won for us through His suffering and death. There were those that were saying they just wanted to see the DaVinci Code or read the book for entertainment.  Excuse me, but if there was a movie made about your mother or your child full of insults and lies, would you actually pay money to entertain yourself with such a movie about those dearest to you, none the less Your Very Own Savior?! The majority of the movie goers are the young adults.  If WE are not teaching our children the true history about our faith and stand firm for it, then WHO will teach them, Sony Pictures!

During the DaVinci hype St. John's Bosco's famous dream,"The Two Columns in the Sea" kept coming to me because the Dream talks about A GREAT BATTLE that will go against the Church and it will be fought with ammunition consisting of not only guns but BOOKS! Think about all the blasphemous movies and books that are slandering Our Lord and His Holy Church, and ask yourselves, do we want to be apart of that?! 
This was a protest that was started and promoted by TFP "The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property"

 By Tricia Parsons, Editor
See dream below.


"On a vast sheet of water I see an innumerable fleet of ships in battle array... These ships are armed with cannons, with lots of rifles, with incendiary materials, with other arms of all kinds and also with BOOKS, and they advance against a ship very much bigger and higher than themselves and try to dash against it with the prows or to burn it or in some way to do it every possible harm. 
The Ship of the Church As escorts to that majestic fully equipped ship, there are many smaller ships, which receive commands by signal from it and carry out movements to defend themselves from the opposing fleet. The Two Columns In the midst of the immense expanse of sea, two mighty columns of great height arise a little distance the one from the other.  On the top of one, there is the statue of the Immaculate Virgin, from whose feet hangs a large placard with this inscription: Auxilium Christianorum-"Help of Christians"; on the other, which is much higher and bigger, stands a Host of great size proportionate to the column and beneath is another placard with the words: Salus Credentium-"Salvation of the Faithful".  The Holy Father The supreme commander on the big ship is the Sovereign Pontiff.  He, on seeing the fury of the enemies and the evils among which his faithful find themselves, determines to summon around himself the captains of the smaller ships to hold a council and decide on what is to be done. THE CONCLAVE All the captains come aboard  and gather around the Pope.  They hold a meeting, but meanwhile the wind and the waves gather in storm, so they are sent back to control their own ships.... The pope stands at the helm and all his energies are directed to steering the ship towards THOSE  TWO COLUMNS from the top of which and from every side of which are hanging numerous anchors and big hooks, fastened to chains.  THE BATTLE  All the enemy ships move to attack it, and they try in every way to stop it and sink it:  some with writings or BOOKS  or inflammable materials, of which they are full; others with guns, with rifles and with rams.  The battle rages ever more relentlessly.  The enemy prows thrust violently, but their efforts and impact prove useless.  They make attempts in vain and waste all their labor and ammunition; the big ship goes safely and smoothly on its way.  Sometimes it happens that, struck by formidable blows, it gets large, deep gaps in its sides; but no sooner is the harm done than a gentle breeze blows from the TWO COLUMNS and the cracks close up and the gaps are stopped immediately."

So what this dream says to me is that the Church is  guided by the Holy Spirit through the Magisterium of the Church: the Holy Father, Bishops, etc.  It also shows the the two pillars, "The Holy  Eucharist" and  "The Blessed  Virgin  Mary" also are very important and have power and if  we have a devotion to those two, we will also be guided and protected in our faith!  In reflection, we should then pray daily, the Rosary and go to Mass as often as possible, and pray for the Church, the Clergy and especially the Pope for his intentions and protection.

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Bacchiarello, Fr. J. Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco:
Rockford Illinois:  Tan Books and Publishers, 1996.