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I created this website/blog in 2006 because of my love for the Catholic Church. I am a wife and a mother of two from Louisiana, so my  info is primarily from Louisiana.  The Church is given to us by Jesus Christ himself and it is our vehicle to salvation.  I wish to reveal the truth and beauty of the faith here.

The Eucharist is the "Source and Summit" of the Catholic faith because it is truly the body and blood of Jesus Christ through our Apostolic Succession.  Jesus also says that his body is the living bread which came down from Heaven in the  "Bread of Life Discourse", John 6:22-59 where he says,  "Anyone who eats this bread will live forever!" 

Tricia Parsons                                                       

"Live the Sacramental Life-"  The Seven Sacraments were given to the Church by Jesus.  For example, in the sacrament of baptism, esp. "infant", we are "born" into eternal life with this important and fundamental sacrament!    The Sacraments explained by Bishop Fulton Sheen.   



Perhaps one of the most sobering, approved apparitions by Our Holy Mother, the Church, however it is a very prophetic message to the problems in the church today and serves as an improtant warning!

Our Lady of La Salette  said to the two children in 1846,

"If my people do not wish to submit themselves, I am forced to let go of the hand of my Son. It is so heavy and weighs me down so much I can no longer keep hold of it.

“I have suffered all of the time for the rest of you! If I do not wish my Son to abandon you, I must take it upon myself to pray for this continually. And the rest of you think little of this.  In vain you will pray, in vain you will act, and you will never be able to make up for the trouble I have taken over for the rest of you"

Six days I have given you to labor, the seventh I have kept for myself; and they will not give it to me. It is this which makes the arm of my Son so heavy. “Those who drive the carts cannot swear without introducing the name of my Son. These are the two things which make the arm of my Son so heavy!   

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The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Explained, by John Rick Miller, Founder of the Mission, "For the Love of God Worldwide"